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An overcoat and overshoes in a tropical paradise island? Doesn’t sound quite right does it? But there are those essentials you will need, depending very much on when and where you find yourself in the Maldives.

First of all, it must be stated that official regulations do not allow public nudity anywhere in the Maldives. Regardless of how private one's tourist resort or cruising vessel is, at least a bikini and swimming trunk is a must.

You are also expected to wear decent swimwear to avoid offending the sensibilities of your fellow holiday-makers when you go swimming or snorkeling. At in-house restaurants, bars etc., casual tropical wear comes highly recommended.

When visiting inhabited islands, it is a must that guests be decently clad in garments that cover one's body from the torso down to the knees. If you envisage making any formal visit locally, do bring along light formal wear.

When is comes to selection of clothing material, do bear in mind that light cotton garments would be the best choice. Also light footwear in the nature of sandals is strongly suggested.
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